Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Do you need a Christmas buddy?

 I want to thank everyone that purchased my books, art and critters this year, from my shows, or my website. As you know,  I often use blog posts to promote my work,
and at years end, I present you with some offerings that didn't find new homes this year; perhaps one will speak to you.
Allow me to introduce you to several furry friends,
from the smallest to the largest.
The pincushions in the background are mine, I really put them to use! But I have some similar to these, still available.
These are needle-felted with my sheep's wool...as are
all the leaping buns on the feather Christmas tree.

All leaping buns are $112. You can hang them from your tree, or pop them in a flower pot with the stiff stem included.

 A few 6" rabbits... and a few 6" mice
 I started the season with 11 cats.  This is the last of the litter

 You can see more photos of these 3 kitties on my website. Oops, that last kitty is not Midge, she is Tink.
Moving on to the larger folks..
 I love these girls, I really do, so I won't mind keeping them.

Thadeus Beebe is a rather large fellow. Stitching his topcoat with tails was
quite a job, but I think he looks just dandy in it.

 Speaking of stitching rabbit-wear, it is quite an undertaking to dress a rabbit.
I  must first make the patterns to fit a particular bun... many of the buns are different shapes, heights and widths, so one size does not fit all. 
I make the patterns with paper towels because you can wrap them around the bodies for a good fit.
 Next I find the most becoming fabrics with a hint of history. I use tea, coffee and dye to age the fabrics.

I had a particularly nice time dressing these 2 fine ladies.
Both ladies are quite tall at 14" with amber glass eyes, articulated neck and arms.
They are needle-felted with alpaca wool and merino sheep's wool. 
Odette is stitched with a lovely copper colored English Mohair. Honora is stitched with a deep rust colored English Mohair.
 Honora wears a straw bonnet with old ribbons and millinery, her bodice would have been worn with a big hoop skirt...if she were a human. but rabbits cannot leap in hoop skirts, so we left it at that.

Nigel Willowbright is sold. I have to confess, I was sad to see him go.

 Odette wears a nest of flowers for a hat, a bodice and a bustle.

Each of these large rabbits is $550.
 If you see anyone you want to adopt email me at: jeri@hopalonggreetings.com 
We accept paypal, checks and credit cards
Enough of a gathering to have a big party!
There are more birds and rabbits on my website. PLEASE visit the site to take a look at more of my items, my books, my art. James did a wonderful job re-making our website, and even if you don't wish to purchase anything, take a stroll through our site, I would like your feedback.
email address has changed to:
 Thank you for your blogger friendship!
Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The funniest book review and a few odds and ends..

 As and illustrator and a collector of storybooks, I often read the book reviews on Amazon in search of the best books to add to my own collection.
 I must share one of the funniest reviews I have ever read. The hilarity of it stems from the fact it was written by a child, who probably had to write a review as a school project. The reviewer does a few flip-flops, but the honesty is refreshing!
A Kid's Review...spelling mistakes included
This review is for: "The Hello, Goodbye Window" 
"I thought that your book was okay but you could have done beter. It was better than most books but maybe not the best. I did LOVE that one night sky picture. The book was better than nothing. I really like your teqniche of illistrateing how you can scrible and the way you color with craon and than scrtch it off. You could of maybe made the "MAGIC WINDOW" be more exciting. The pictures are not slopy and that is GREAT!!!!! I was not a fan of the words in the book but the pictures are awsome!! There is really good teckture and color in the pictures!!! I am going to be honest it is not my favorite book ever. I will say that you people who wrote the book THE HELLO GOODBYE WINDOW really worked hard!!! thank you for your time!!!!
  Needless to say, I did not purchase the book.

Here is the first clutch of eggs from my lovely lavender hens.

I had 2 for breakfast. 

A bunny Brooch.
I have 5 needle-felted Bunny Brooches left over from my shows.
They are available for $112. in different shades of bunny. 
I will be listing all my critters that did not find homes this year on my website within the next few days.
AH..... home at last with no more shows!


Monday, November 14, 2016

The Grasshoppers of Hopalong Hollow.

I hope you are having a great week, these bunnies are!

                         This is how I set up a small portion of my booth for the last show.
 Small felted Buns leaping through the air!

I did the paper-cutting behind the hares in 2005, it was the end-papers in my first book.

   I wanted to make some smaller, lively little rabbits that I could sell at a lower price than the large clothed Hopalong Hollowfolk.
 These little bunnies are 7-8 inches long and less time consuming ( although they still take about 4 hours to create). I've priced at them at $125.
 These are made to leap from a potted plant, or hang from the branches of a Christmas Tree.
 Next show is practically out my own back door, just 35 miles from home, in Knoxville.
It is really my favorite show of the year, the FOOTHILLS GUILD SHOW.
 I have 6 free tickets to get into the  show. If you live around here and would like one or two tickets, I will be happy to give them to you, just ask and I will send via post.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last of the Zinnias... and a few farm updates from The Hollow

                                             This is all that's left of my Zinnia bed...

I got oodles of seed from that cutting bed!
Take a look at the Lavender Americaunas, all grown up.
They are simply beauties, I've never seen such unusual chickens as these; stunners, every one....
despite the fact that they are just barely lavender...more silver than anything, and
ever so fluffy!
Lo and behold, my  Broody hen, Demelza... (the same Demelza that raised all nine Lavender chicks), managed to sneak off for 3 weeks and hatch an entire new brood.
 This time they are all hers, little blond Buff Orpintons, her own little patch of "pumpkins"
EIGHT in all.

I really wish she hadn't done that....
even though they are REALLY cute.
They look like the little chicks in my painting from

You remember Hettie Pepper the Peahen and her 4 babies?
The 4 peachicks are now teenagers. I think we have 2 males, 2 females: perfect!
I sadly lost one of my sheep when Beatrix passed away this month, she was quite old.

 One of my Swedish ducks, Jangles, disappeared.It was very sad because he had been the mate of Mia for at least 4 years. They were inseparable. Since he's been gone she just calls and calls for him. It just makes me want to cry.
 I am sure he was taken by a very clever fox in the dead of night, for he would never leave Mia of his own accord.
Let us hope she takes another mate from one of the many White Pekin ducks that hatched over the past year.

I am off to a show In Richmond Va next week... and then 3 more, each in a different state.
 After that, I am off for months and can concentrate on those 2 new books.
Cheers and good wishes to you all.!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Meet my new friend...

Dominicus for short.
"Howdy folks! "
" It was jolly good of you to follow along in my 'Making'."
"I appreciated the Mistress giving me substantial tootsies... and strong legs. I
can hop just about anywhere I wish to travel!"
The mistress has grown rather fond of me, and is thinking, maybe, I should
stay here... In Hopalong Hollow with her. "

  But I am a traveling man...er bun .

And I am off and away!

 I've been adopted...
That's right.!
 I will be leaving the Hollow on Monday....
 Thank you Susan!

 "My sibling, Verity Peavine is now up on the Marketplace site."

Friday, October 14, 2016

Final touches on "the bun"

Today I finished the Back Pack...
I used green strips of leather for the straps and attached a little buckle from an old wrist-watch on the front to secure to his waist.

I had needle-felted all these vegetables to use in his basket-pack...
and then decided against it. 
His pack was too deep to do justice to the veges.. they would not be easily seen or appreciated.
Instead, we chose these:
The acorns have a golden hue, just like the ones on his vest.
In this case, the caps are real, the nuts are not. We certainly do not want little bugs making their way into the acorns.
Next he needed a cap, a green one.
None of my green wool was compatible with the color of the vest.
 As gorgeous as these greens are, I want  a shade that's a bit closer to the fabric.

 That's when a wool carder comes in handy
 You can combine the wool colors on the carder and "WALLAH"!
a much closer match.
A needle-felted derby
 with a feather...or two,
makes a gentleman feel rather dapper.
Last but not least; whiskers and a tail... and I nearly DID forget that tail.
 He is finished and has a fine name...
He will introduce his fine self tomorrow at the online show. 
 I spent around 35 hours on this fella. We artists and crafts-folk often have the most difficultly in knowing what to charge for our work. Many of you know what I mean.
Here is what I take into consideration: Hours, material costs and professionalism.
Hours are self explanatory, how much do you think you should be paid for your time?
 Material costs: In my case, these include; armature,threads, stuffing, fabrics,glass eyes and wool, Vintage millinery, and Mohair.   Much of my wool is free because I have sheep...but I still have to shear the sheep and clean the wool.Mohair is unbelievably expensive, up to $150 per yard. Most of my other materials are fairly reasonable.
Professionalism: By this I mean, the years spent perfecting ones art. When I was a new artist, I did not charge nearly what I do now, for any of my work; that includes painting, paper-cutting,and stitchery. But after spending over 30 years as an artist, one has earned at least a little clout... maybe even a little respect as an artist, (at least one hopes)
With all that said, I've yet to settle on a price...( I told you it was difficult!)
I honestly do not know if he will sell, as this online show is a new venture for the group. 
If he doesn't sell, I am fine with it, frankly, I'd like to keep him around for awhile!
 Please check in again tomorrow, Saturday at 10:00 at the Early American Folk Art and trades Marketplace here:
 You can meet the Un-named bun in his entirety and learn his most excellent name.
Thanks to all of you for joining in the birth of a bun!